This kid is sad and flowerish
He waits on the side of the club as the morning rises
Still away, eyes closed and dancing
He waits for the train that arrives, the one that takes to the stars
He waits here and knows the train is comming
Tonight he will not fall in tear and despare
Tonight is the day he goes away
Now to say :
It’s already there !
Look at the beast
Look into her eyes you shagging coward !
What do you see ? Is that love, desire, is your whole demon unleshed while you stare at those pregnant eyes ? There is no escape – and you’re falling – don’t look away !
This is the game you always wanted to play
Unleash the Moto
Temptation is the only way through
Take your pill with no pain
Smile at them with no ties
Walls will fall apart
Red will turn to Blue
Nowhere will be home but Everywhere
Lands are now open widely
No trail no barriers
Rich Wild
Forever New
What will we find over there but deception
Stars are falling all around
Nothing’s left but the sound of this little melody
that we’re dancing to like crazy, step afer step it goes on and on for no reason because we have to live
and do it like we are possessed forever after
the star is us